Private Lessons By Appointment  

Junior rate:  $40 for 30 minutes or 2 players for $50 



2018 Summer Camps  Ages 7-15

Pine Ridge Golf Course
Monday - Friday   8:50AM-2:00PM
$400 includes lunch, on course play, Pine Ridge gift, tournament prizes.
Student/Instructor ratio: 7:1

CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION---Sign up early as camps fill up quickly!   

Our goal is to establish a solid foundation for each junior whether they are brand new to the game or an experienced player.  Our approach to the game is two-fold.  The fundamentals will be stressed everyday so that every participant will have learned the importance of a good grip, set-up, posture, alignment, short game and full swing fundamentals.  We also emphasize the "play" aspect of the game.  Some juniors are more competitive than others.  We encourage and challenge these children in different ways than we might juniors who are not so competitive in nature.  We hope that each junior graduates camp with a love for the game that will last a lifetime.

General Schedule: 

 8:50 - 9:00        Sign-in, pairings
 9:00 - 11:00      Fundamentals Stations and Golf Fitness: putting, chipping, 
                          pitching, bunkers, full swing irons and woods
11:00 - 11:30     Skills challenges/Video/Specialty Shots
12:00 - 12:30     Lunch with daily topic: rules, etiquette, mental game, history of game, 
                          video of great golf matches/players
12:30 - 2:00       Play on course or preparation for on course play



LPGA USGA Junior Girls Golf Club 

2018 Schedule TBA
Designed for girls who want to get on the course and play as well as improve their fundamentals.
We hope the girls will find golf a healthy choice of activities they can pursue for their entire lives where
they will make new friends and find many challenges that will help them grow.
Coach J will lead this group.
Topics will vary weekly and include fundamentals, on course play, putting contests, rules and etiquette and golf fitness.


WIZARD Program    Juniors, age 12-17 

Held on Saturdays Year Round


Summer 3:00-3:50           Winter program 12:00-12:45

Register and prepay - $10 for clinic, $20 for clinic plus greens fee

Pay same day at Pine Ridge - $15.00 for clinic $25 for clinic plus greens fee
Drills, video, golf fitness, and range work depending upon the weather.
Each clinic will focus on an important aspect of player development.

These clinics are designed for junior golfers who are interested in playing in tournaments, playing on high school teams or playing with their friends and family in social situations.  Most importantly, we always aim to help cultivate a love for the game of golf that will last a lifetime.
Please note these are not classes for brand new golfers. Thank you.

On course play after clinics for an additional $10.

Weekly Clinics: $10.00/person/clinic.  



Coach J and Casey, Winter


Par Program Particiapants, 2011