You can book private lessons with Julieta by clicking link above or contacting her directly:
443-414-2288 or
Baltimore Golf Academy Classes -- Pine Ridge
4 hours of fundamentals instruction including putting, chipping, pitching and the full swing.  
Designed for people who have never played golf or experienced golfers who want to start from scratch to get rid of bad habits. 
*Swing fundamentals
*Equipment recommendations
*Learn how to practice
*Step one to learning to play on the course
Led by PGA or LPGA certified instructors , range balls, equipment during classes if needed.
Cost:  $125
Mini Camp --4 hour program in one day!
Includes 4 hours of fundamentals instruction combined with going on the course to see how you can use your new skills.  Must be a graduate of Level 1 or at least have played golf for one year to be eligible for this class.  This class is a lead-up to being ready for your first game!
Includes 4 hours of advanced fundamental work including full swing, short game, video, range balls.  This class is for graduates of Level 1.5 or  players who have a few seasons of playing on the course under their belt and want to take their game to the next level.  Led by PGA or LPGA instructors.
Cost:  $125
Includes advanced fundamentals work along with taking the skills we are building directly to the course.
This class is a big confidence booster for players as they walk away knowing they can pull off shots on the course and not just on the range. Designed for players seeking to lower their handicaps.
 4 Hour 4      4 hour class in one day for people whose schedule prevents them from signing up for an extended class or to prepare for that company outing!  May be custom designed for your group of 4 players. Includes:   Golf instruction~Range balls ~Golf equipment ~Discussion of golf terminology, rules and etiquette ~Handouts~Guidance in terms of what to do next. 
Cost:  $125


 FAQ's   Many of your questions can be answered on our FAQ page.

Lesson Rates
Private Lesson 60 minutes $100   (2 players, $125)
  30 minutes $50     
Junior Private 30 minutes $40    (2 players, $50)
Adult Clinic 60 minutes $30     
Playing Lesson 90 minutes $150   Additional players add $25
Mini Camp 4 hours $125
Group Class 4 hours $125
Junior Camp 5 days $435

 Lessons must be redeemed within 12 months of date of purchase.

Meet new playing partners, participate in fun events.  Regularly scheduled play days at local courses.
Joining is free!

Player Performance Package

Titleist Performance Institute Screenings, FlightScope Readings, V1 Video and overall swing plan assessment.

FlightScope--What do the numbers mean?

If you need to reach Julieta on the day of your lesson to cancel, please leave a message at either:

Pine Ridge Driving Range 410-252-7612
Pine Ridge Pro Shop 410-252-1408

Full lesson rates apply if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to lesson.